March 23rd 2020

Colors of the Spectrum

A short story about boredom and how it leads to creativity and how that sometimes can bring change to everything. Now available on Amazon.

July 11th 2019

Book Cover: Second Edition Redo

Godly Insight is going through some renovations. One of which is the book cover. Three choices are available. Which one will it be I leave entirely up to the reader.

Book Cover Redo: Which cover is your favourite?

Feel free to leave your choice on Reddit.

       Many thanks to those who took part in the promotion. Enjoy the book!

       From the 23.05.2019- 26.05.2019 will Godly Insight: The Forgotten Verse be reduced on the US and UK Amazon websites. Applies only to E-Book Edition.

         Now online and available. 

First Book of the Godly Insight Series.
Book 1: The Forgotten Verse is now available as Ebook or Hardcover!

First book of the Godly Insight Series will be released in 72 hours.

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